I’ve Set Myself a Real Problem

Because I have been ‘missing’ for six months I really don’t know quite where to start catching up.  There was no real reason for my absence, dear reader – perhaps a combination of laziness and being too busy!

All the winter activities are now finished for the season.  The diary is less full with that ‘out every evening’ scenario – the Film Club, Natural History Society, Literary Society, Bute Arts (live concerts), Rural, and Book Group have kept me entertained, educated and amused during the dark nights of winter.

In January we had the joy of travelling south to visit family in Shrewsbury to celebrate the 90th birthday of my Aunt Rene.  There can’t be many 90 year olds who can have eighty or so guests at their party and only about a quarter of those being family.  Aunt Renee invited her friends from the walking group, Tai Chi class, Discussion Group etc.  – one very lively lady.


Rene’s daughters have inherited her amazing genes which make them all look 10 – 20 years younger than they are.

The weather in the last five months, with its typical west coast confusion regarding which season we are in, has produced ferry disrupting gales, days of continuous stair rod  rain, occasional calm, crisp spells, stunning sunsets, and, only last week, record breaking temperatures.

In February we had the opportunity to scrub up tidily, dust off the dancing shoes and help raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Charity.  The Glenburn Hotel, just up behind us, pulled out all the stops laying on good food, good company and the toe tapping music of the Bute Ceilidh Band.


In March we made the decision that after 12 or so years of being part of the Puffer Work Party Week at Crinan every year it was time for us to stand down and allow other folk with more appropriate skills and, dare I say it, perhaps a few months younger than us,     have a chance at the unique experience of helping to get VIC 32 ready for her summer sailing programme.  We will hugely miss all the fun and laughter, hard work, the good friends we have made over the years and the wine fuelled games of Scrabble.  On a beautiful spring day we nipped up to Crinan to say hello.  We are still the unofficial ‘Rothesay agents’ for the Puffer and have helped them berth at Rothesay pier a few times during their Clyde Cruising part of the season.


On the Tarbert to Portavadie ferry on the way home from Crinan.


The winter evening activities have been replaced by the SAS and a large gardening project.  More of the latter when it gets to look a bit less like a building site.  The Strollers and Striders have had very mixed weather so far – at least the rain keeps the midges away.


A low evening sun and big sky at Kingarth.


Arran always looks good when seen from Bute.

Regular readers may be thinking – they haven’t been on holiday for a while.  But we have of course.  In May we visited the awesome grandeurs of Andalucia in Spain – more of that  later, I promise to come and post another blog soon now that I have got restarted.


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