For anyone happening on this site who doesn’t know me  :  I am a mature female with many varied interests – reading, music, art, gardening, family history, current affairs.  At the beginning of 2008 my husband and I decided to explore the idea of leaving city living behind us and relocating to a smaller community.  After much research we have chosen to leave Edinburgh after 40 years and move to Rothesay on the Island of Bute.  This is a huge change for us and this blog is being written to chronicle the ups and downs of our adventure for our widespread family and friends.  The early entries, although in chronological order, are all post dated because for the first few weeks we had no internet service, I was too busy with practicalities, mostly exhausted and permanently over excited.


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  1. georgia says:

    Hi isabel and Colin, hope you are sitting down when you read this, i am just learning so be patient , after christmas i am going to computer classes , so i will probably write a novel haha hope you have settled in and looking forward to christmas,hope to hear from you soon love georgia

  2. marion says:

    Dear Both
    Now that we’re taking down the christmas cards I am at last getting round to reading them and just found your card with your blogsite!
    I can tell by what you’re writing that you’re delighted to be living in a small community with lots of nature around you. I can tell you feel like us – when we were in Shetland, Strichen and now in the middle of rural Buchan – there’s nothing quite like it – makes you feel glad to be alive when you go out in the moring and are greeted by 4 deer over the dyke, or 7 whooper swans flying overhead to new feeding grounds – and you’ve got water too – even better! very differnet to city life.
    All the best to you all for 2009. Love marion and Jim xxxx

    • jim edgar says:

      as an expat scot living in canada and rothesay being the favoured destination for holidays after the war, you write about a place that i still love, please don’t write less but make it at least one a week, we used to rent a room in a 2 story tenement that is still there , 2 years ago when we were there it looks just as shabby as it did in 1945, still loved it, thank you again.

  3. lochielbute says:

    Hi Jim, many thanks for your kind comments. It is good to know that someone reads my ramblings. You are right that Rothesay can look quite shabby but it is still a community with lots of verve and buzz. I love it – even on a day like today when I can’t see across the bay for the incessent grey drizzle!

  4. maureen says:


    As a fellow mature lady, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading your varied and interesting blog about life on Rothesay, where I spent many happy childhood holidays.

    I now live in the suburbs of Glasgow, which has a nice mixture of the rural and city, but would love to have access to the sea. Your photographs are vibrant and beautiful, and I do admire your talent with flowers.

    I very much enjoyed reading about your views on ecumenical Christianity,as your thoughtful and sincere sentiments struck a chord with me. I think that most reasonable Christians feel this way, and it is so important to make such comments public, because it can make a difference.

    Have you ever thought of writing a novel about contemporary life in such a setting?

  5. lochielbute says:

    Hi Maureen, Thank you for all your kind comments and it is good to hear that you enjoy my blog. I have only lived by the sea for three years and never weary of the ever changing colours and patterns – even today when it is slate grey and quite choppy in the Bay. I would love to tackle writing a book but it is not practical, too many other interests in my life just now.

  6. maureen says:

    Thank you, and I do enjoy your blog, and looking at the beautiful photographs, very much. My elder sister and husband have a lovely house in the Port, and they visit the area when they can, and they told me all about the recent Highland Games, but your fun-filled photographs really bring them to life. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to enjoy looking at photographs, due to an eye problem. Still, the treatment and operations seem to be helping, and, while I can still go to work, travelling further afield would be silly for the forseeable future, (so I travel virtually on the net!). We spent many childhood holidays in Rothesay, as my family always had property there, and I consider it to be magical. I think that your writing captures its uniqueness and vibrancy, as well as its friendly acceptance of different styles of praise and worship, and I do like the sound of the Rothesay Christian Fellowship, as we have similar places of worship here in Glasgow. I was also particularly interested in your comments regarding the Kindle being easy on one’s eyes – that is exactly what I am needing, as I find reading too much text on paper rather tiring, so I think I’ll get one of those. You do seem a very busy person, but thank you for taking the time to set out such an interesting blog.

  7. Alex says:

    Hi. Your slate raised garden planter walls looks fantastic. I have just been given approx 1000x slate roof tiles and would like to do something similar.

    Can I ask how you went about building them, in terms of stability? I take it you used no mortar, just the weight of the slates interlocked. Also did you line the inner side of the slate wall. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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